Zeal Farm Update: Planting our Fields

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We’re so excited about the progress our little farmette is making! As we begin to bring in our first harvests, we thought we’d share some pictures and give you a bit more information on the farmette operation and what our plans are for serving our farm fresh produce to our beloved enthusiasts.

Located in north Boulder, our farmette sits on a 1/4 acre plot at the farm of a close friend of ours. The land is beautiful, with a gorgeous treed valley to one side that has been used in the past for weddings. And with such a nice view of the front range, we’re thinking a farm dinner might be in order at some point… right? 😉

Of course, taking a crack at farming for the first time hasn’t been without it’s challenges. First of all, our little plot of land sits right next to Left Hand Creek. The soil in this area, while very fertile, is also full of rocks. Rocks + seedlings = trouble. Our hardworking farmer and his staff worked tirelessly to till the soil, discard the rocks, and create some lovely rows for planting. Next to the plot, we built a 1,000 square foot greenhouse to give our seedlings a great head start.

A view from inside our greenhouse

Our initial planting inside the greenhouse included many varieties of microgreens, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, beans, zucchini, and cucumber.

Crisp arugula on the way

Beautiful squash blossoms starting to appear

One of the varieties of kale we’re growing

Our next challenge was to create an environment where plants would grow for as much of the year as possible, since our restaurant is open year round. We had to build a greenhouse that would withstand the elements all year round without us being there full-time, because we’ve got a restaurant to run. So we built a climate control system we can monitor from a distance. Think of it as Nest for our greenhouse! The system includes a homemade evaporative cooling system to keep the hot Colorado sun from cooking the interior, as well as adding much-needed moisture to the indoor environment.

This is one of the cooling pads of our giant evaporative cooler!

A few weeks ago, after a little bit of TLC in the greenhouse, we moved many of our seedlings outside!

We built a high-hoop structure to protect our most sensitive crops from overexposure to the sun, and filled a number of our tilled rows with our new plants.

We’ve already harvested and delivered microgreens to our restaurant and hope to begin harvesting lettuce within a few weeks. We’re very excited to continue this journey with our little farmette and bring you more delicious, organically-grown produce all summer long.


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