“I am thrilled to share what a wonderful job Zeal did catering our wedding at the Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder in late September 2016. We had met with several caterers who quoted us catering prices that were outside of our budget, and Zeal was the first to be able to really offer us delicious food at a price that is incredibly accessible – especially in the Boulder wedding market. Also, our venue posed many challenges, like the absence of a kitchen or any electricity at all! Zeal miraculously managed to our enormous party (150 guests!) with food that tasted fresh from the oven! I was blown away! But my greatest happiness comes from the many reports I heard from guests at the wedding and weeks following our celebration. Again and I again, I heard some version of this idea~ “I’ve come to expect that wedding food is bland and consistently similar across venues and states (i.e. the typical chicken dinner) and your food was the BEST food I’ve ever eaten at a wedding!”

Our guests’ many food requirements, especially gluten free options (my cousin is a celiac) were easily accommodated and many people were thrilled at the healthy, unique, gluten-free menu. I have to end by adding that my dear friend Becca ran over to me as I was talking with guests and handed me a plate filled with carrot falafel, bruschetta and a few of the other options we offered our guests. I’ve heard that some bride never eat their own wedding food, so I still tell Becca how thankful I am that I didn’t miss the chance to eat one of my favorite meals! I was willing to give up a few minutes taking in all the love and connecting with guests so I could have a moment to eat this incredibly delicious food! Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how peaceful and kind the Zeal caterers were to us throughout the planning process. Weddings can be high-stakes, high-pressure, highly overwhelming but Zeal brought an atmosphere of calm and kindness to every single interaction including the wedding day. I am certain I felt their warmth and ‘we’ve got this’ spirit and exhaled in relief. I visit Zeal frequently now to order our wedding food and return to the happy memory of the day. I highly recommend Zeal to couples who hope to give guests a unique and delicious meal, one that guests will talk about long after the wedding.”

Thank you to Rayna McGinnis Photography for letting us use her beautiful photos!

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