Conscious cleansing and eating for vibrant health doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Zeal offers food for enthusiasts, and enthusiasts are anything but boring or bland. Enthusiasm, we believe, defines the journey.

Why cleanse?

Cleansing the body using fresh pressed green veggie juices gives your digestive system a rest while infusing your body with vital nutrients, live enzymes, and minerals. The results? Deep tissue detoxification, glowing skin, mental clarity, and weight loss. Expect a boost in sustained energy, a stronger immune system, and the release of bad habits and unhealthy cravings while truly nourishing your body.

Participate in one of our cleanses to:

  • balance your hormones
  • increase your energy levels
  • give your adrenals some rest and relaxation
  • improve digestion

We’ve created two cleanse options for you to choose from. Upon purchasing a cleanse, we’ll prepare it for you and have it ready for pickup at our restaurant.

Select 1-Day or 3-Day option below

About the Conscious Cleanse:

The Conscious Cleanse, like us here at Zeal, is devoted to creating a space at the crossroads of vibrant living and sustainable health. And they, like us, know that it all begins with how we fuel our bodies.


Julie and Jo – Conscious Cleanse Founders

The Conscious Cleanse is built on the principle that food is about celebration, not restriction; about personal needs and tastes, never guilt or dogma. The Conscious Cleanse teaches that food is a symbol of the way we want to live our lives, that whole food leads to whole living – and that what goes into our bodies radiates out into our daily lives. Yeah, that jives pretty perfectly with the Zeal philosophy.

For more information on the Conscious Cleanse, their book and their next online supported program visit Be sure to download their free e-cookbook for ten fresh and super simple recipes.

CONSCIOUS_CO_LOGOS300-12It jives so well that Chef Leslie White and Wayde worked closely with Jo, Jules and team to make Zeal a “home base” for Conscious Cleansers, a place where those actively participating – or those just living the Conscious Cleanse way – can easily access what we’ve defined as “Food for Enthusiasts.”

You’ll already notice the Conscious Cleanse logo throughout our menu, denoting items that are approved for active cleansers. And stay tuned for upcoming Conscious Cleanse events and programs at Zeal as well as Conscious Cleanse juice packages and grab-and-go meals, making your cleanse experience even more convenient—and delicious!

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