Conscious Cleanse November Dinner Recap

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Braving the sudden and severe cold snap that hit Boulder on November 11th, about 50 people detoxifying their bodies under the loving care of Jo & Jules and the Consciouse Cleanse gathered at Zeal for a rare cleanse-friendly dinner out.  Chef White prepared a special menu for the event offering up possibly the most beautiful vegan plate we’ve ever seen. It was a grilled heirloom purple cauliflower and black bean hummus with avocado dressing and topped with bright yellow-orange carrots that Oxford Gardens rescued from frozen destruction on Monday the day before the zero degree weather dropped in.  The bright pan seared carrots resembling slices of cantaloupe topped off this colorful plate rich in phytonutrients and bursting with flavor. Wild salmon with a cauliflower mash topped with mint lemon chimichurri for those preferring a more protein rich meal.  You really couldn’t go wrong, and I noticed many couples sharing bites of their plates with one another.
This was our third and final conscious Cleanse dinner of 2014, and the first time we filled all our available tables for this single seating event. It was really great seeing everyone enjoying themselves, and celebrating their commitment to wellness and their will power to shun those foods that wreak havoc on our bodies.  For more information on the Conscious Cleanse stop in and pick up Jo & Jules amazing book on your next visit to Zeal or any bookstore. Or go to for more information.
The first Cleanse in 2015 begins January 23 and the next Zeal-Conscious Cleanse dinner is scheduled for February 3Everyone is welcome, by the way, whether you’re doing the cleanse or not this is a night to be enjoyed by all!
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